Monday, January 29, 2007

Too Much Stuff

Well we moved all the big stuff over on Sunday ( Big Boy,Rooster,Piggly Wiggly sign,Display Cases, Ronald McDonald, The Big Mac, the rest of the ad figures that would not fit in a box) plus a sofa. I was sure my new neighbors were happy to see we really did have some furniture when the sofa finally emerged from the 24 foot moving truck I rented for the haul. I have come to realize we have too much stuff so as soon as it's all moved there will be some serious purging of unwanteds at the ranch. Hope you all are doing well, I cannot wait until the final box is over at the new place.


Anonymous said...

You never know how much you have, til you have to move it. I've helped friends move in the past and it's amazing how much stuff that makes the move is soon tossed out for new stuff.

Glad your big stuff made it OK!

tikiranch said...

We had most of our collection packed up so that went over fast it's just all the little things stashed everywhere that seems to be taking the most time. I can't belive how many bottle of household cleaners ,Febreeze,Comet and all the others that I am finding. When we went thru the misc untensils we found out we had 6 ice cream scoops. Out of sight out of my mind I guess.

Dan Goodsell said...

let me know when I can stop by with my 24' truck to pick up all the goodies you want to get rid of :)

glad you are all moved - if i ever move again it will be the final time

tikiranch said...

I agree this is the last move at least while I am still collecting things. Thoses non-collectors have it easy compared to us collectors. Hurray for the minimalist

enki3d said...

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