Monday, August 31, 2009

Menu Request

Here is one of my favorite menus I have

Chris & Pitt's

Outside the one we go to in Bellflower, small but like stepping back in time and the neon sign is amazing.


Major Pepperidge said...

It's great that the restaurant still exists. Is the menu one of your favorites because you like the place, or is there something special about the design that you enjoy?

tikiranch said...

I just like the Die cut house shape plus the fact I have eaten at 1 location or another since I was 9. The fact that the menu still has the vintage look makes it even better.

Anonymous said...

I gotta go there before it disappears like so many wonderful such places have. Clearman's Village was demolished recently. Luckily, Clearman's Galley, known as "The Boat" was rebuilt and the boat came back as part of the restaurant. Oh yeah, just south of the corner of Huntington Drive and Rosemead Blvd., west side in San Gabriel.
Note: Rosemead Blvd has a number of tiki themed apartment buildings. One is just south and across the street from "The Boat"