Friday, October 06, 2006

Final Bag Friday

2 Scary Treat Bags

Floating out of the cauldron stew is sort of smokey Blob Monster character with saber tooth teeth. Evil Witch finally doing something other than flying away.

Scary skeleton hiding under a see-thru Harry Potter cloaking sheet with his trusty owl on his shoulderblade.

I hope you enjoyed this week of Treat Bag art stay tuned next week..... it's Halloween Party Time.


Todd Franklin said...

I really enjoyed your Trick or Treat bags this week! Do you have extra's of these two? I'm going to feature some different bags on my countdown this month.

tikiranch said...

Hi Todd
I do have extras email me

Anonymous said...

I recall having one like the second example. Amazing thing is that there must have been hundreds of designs, yet here's one I remember!