Thursday, October 12, 2006

Light with no fuse

9:50 pm House fuse blows
9:52 pm Search for replacement
9: 55 pm Drive to Home Depot
10:05 pm Find out Home Depot closes @ 10:00 pm
10: 15 pm No power to computer
10:23 am Post this light up I found on Ebay
Tomorrow Back to my Halloween Party Posts


Rozum said...

I had this same light up as a kid. Next time I visit my parents, I'm liberating it from their basement.

Steven Altis said...

Oooh, light-up orange plastic Hallowe'en decorations are my second favorite thing to collect! This one I don't have... very nice!

sroden said...

i had this in my room as a kid too! i think at one point we changed the bulb and melted part of it by accident... then it was really scary!

Freudian Slip said...

I had something similar to this in my room and it scared me quite a bit at night. I was too afraid to tell my parents about it, isn't that silly?