Monday, August 07, 2006

Talking Bovine

Here is a follow up to the Tickle me Pickle post. I came across a picture of the Talking Elsie the Cow display I was talking about so here it is. From what I remember about the description there was some sort of tape recorder inside the figure and a pressure sensitive floor mat attached to the player. When a person would pass by and step onto the mat Elsie would talk to them. I was once in the basement of a antique store and came across a large bust of Elsie from the waist up. The head was made of wooden supports for a thin rubber Elsie mask which fit over it plus there was a motor driven mouth for speaking. I would have loved to get it but one major problem was the rubber was almost all deteriorated so she looked more like a graveyard corpse than Elsie the Cow. That girl should have been put out to pasture! Good day ya all !!!!


Anonymous said...

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ChaCha said...

I adore this blog, I am so fascinated I can't wait to see the latest pic every day!

Anonymous said...

man that is damn creepy. A cow in a dress..,