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Back to work

 Back from a 3 day trip to the Portland Expo Mega Collectibles and Antiques event.
Picture 2 indoor buildings each the size of a football field and then an outdoor area the size of a Walmart. My feet need a day off after all that walking or should I say hunting and searching. Great weather, good friends to hang out with plus so much great stuff to look at and sometimes even priced to sell. Here is a few pics to start off .

The Palms Motor Hotel Sign ( both sides )

Both sides need some neon but I think you can see how great it is.

 The Alibi Bar where we went after the show both nights. Amazing Vintage Tiki bar inside good food and drinks.
My good Friend Long Gone John from Washington holding his new Giraffe

Stay Tune for loads more stuff I snapped from the great northwest.

Monday, July 09, 2012


Just 2 shots from the weekend. A great RCA tv tube character was part of a banner for the televisions. I tried to buy it but the guy was not in a dealing mode and had it priced at $80 which was a little high considering the thing had a softball sized hole on the right side. I made an offer but he passed, went out looking later that day and it was still hanging in the booth. the snack machine was nice and in pretty good shape but I really liked the ad guy. I asked the price on the machine and was told $400 so a picture will have to do for now.

Big plans at the end of the week as I am heading to Portland for the big collectibles show. Never been before but am luck to have a my good friend Jim there to give me the inside scoop. Will try and get some pics while out on the hunt and any tips from you all that have been would be greatly appreciated.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Kool Aid Rejection

Good Day out at the junk swap a guy showed up with boxes of paper and art from a design company. Most all of it was inside these work order envelopes so it took a while to go thru whatever pile you were lucky to get. The one I had turn up some interesting paper and here is one of the pieces I got.

not sure what KINGS-X was supposed to mean? 
Also in the group were a few they sent to Coca Cola so look out for those in the following days plus a few more surprises from the pile i was able to get. The worst part was he had a entire van full too but was not going to unload that until next week, guess thats something to look forward to.

Friday, July 06, 2012

Pics from the hunt

Some stuff I felt so inclined to photograph while out at the shows and shops

Monday, July 02, 2012

Early 4th Surprise

Large Red Devil Fireworks Advertising poster I found out at the Show this Sunday. Guy said he got it out of a barn that was getting ready to be demo'd.