Sunday, October 22, 2006

Last Napkin with the works

One last Napkin for the week. This one has about everything jammed in it.

A witch,bat,cat,ghost,haunted house,owl,scary tree,moon,some pumpkins and don't forget those apples????

Thanks for dropping by this last week for all the paper party pieces. Next week we make some noise......


Steven Altis said...

There's a whole story going on in that illustration that just needs to be told. Why is that witch chasing the ghost with a broom and what exactly does she hope to accomplish with it? Is it a special ghost-whackin' broom?

And I love her bright red socks...very saucy!

Anonymous said...

These have been fun to see, thanks Tikiranch!
(by the way, at Goodwill yesterday I saw another matching cereal giant bowl/cup to the Rice KRispies one... this one had Tony the Tiger. Now I wish I had bought the RK one!! They would be better as a set! I am guessing the handle is to let you drink the sugary milk after the cereal is gone...)

Kirk D. said...

I've been greatly enjoying all the Halloween goodness!