Friday, November 17, 2006

Food is Fun

Happy Friday everyone! Last night while trying to organize one area of the garage I came across these two cookbooks. I remember finding the first one and bought it for some reason. I don't collect cookbooks but do have a few with Ad Figures on them. One day months later I found a second Food is Fun cookbook but with a different cover. Inside they are the same so I wonder why they changed the cover? One guess is they wanted a family feel to the book so the replaced the scary single lady with a Ethel Mertz looking lady and her one dimensional family peeking around the corner. Thanks for dropping by Have a great weekend.

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Maria said...

These covers are brilliant! I'm a big fan of old cookbooks (well, the graphics of old cookbooks). I love the typography and colors of the pictures (like how these look kind of hand colored).

Love your blog!