Friday, December 08, 2006

Van de Kamp's

December 1955 cover of Van de Kamp's Windmill. This was a internal magazine the company produced each month.
Inside were articles on the company plus everyone's birthdays,births,promotions, weddings and everything else that was happening with the employees ( you know all the personal stuff most companies could care less about these days). This cover has Santa stocking up at the Van Kamp's Bakery section for xmas eve supplies. "Hey Santa don't forget the sticky buns!"


Anonymous said...

Van de Kamp's also had a chain of restaurants in the Southern California area that were shaped like windmills. One still exists in Arcadia on Huntington Drive and Santa Anita Ave that still has the windmill, although it is a Denny's now.

Dan Goodsell said...

i have a couple of thee mags - very cool

Jan van Kampenhout said...

Van de Kamp is a very Dutch name, and Holland is famous for its windmills. Is there a connection?