Monday, June 18, 2007


You just never know what will turn up at the weekend shows.

This wooden figure was too cool to pass up for $20.00. I walked pass the booth and asked the price, the dealer replied $25.00. I thought to myself "Do I need this guy since he is not an advertising piece?" So I kept walking ahead, maybe five step away from the booth I realized I would regret not getting it ( for some unknown reason I do that sometimes) and be beatting my self in the head later that day. So I rushed back and got him. Looks like some sort of summer camp project a kid made or something. He is now happy to be hanging out with the advertising figures here at the Ranch.
Thanks for passing by and check me out at Swapatorium tomorrow for my monthly post over there.

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Holly Hall said...

I love him! I'm glad you took him home. You would have regretted it forever if you hadn't.