Monday, July 30, 2007

Some like it HOT

You figure out when collecting that there are pieces that you end up with that follow a course and if one part of that course was eliminated you would not have had it. I think about that sometimes when I am walking the rows at the swap meet and take a left instead of a right down a lane. It is a weird feeling when that one decision leads you to a great piece you buy. This weekend was one of those time and here is the chain of events:

Friday night spent some time on the internet reading some other Blogs I like. Came across Coops pictures of a local Model T car show and swap nearby. 1 shot shows this great Dr Pepper sign I have been looking for, problem is the swap started on friday so the chances are it is gone.

Saturday wake up early and head to the show with the thought that it might still be there ( thinking in my mind it will be sold)

Search the whole meet but no sign to be found, bummer.

I talk to a few dealers and one of them informs me that a local Antique shop owner bought the sign on Friday.

He also lets me know he thinks it's up for sale at the shop.

Saturday afternoon I head over to his shop and there it is hang there for sale.

Workout a deal to buy it and now here it is.

Another great part is inside the light there is a piece of metal that moves so the clear areas have motion. They call it Vibra-Light.

Have a great Monday everyone!
Drop by tomorrow to see one of the best snapshots I have come across in a while.


Todd Franklin said...

I've never seen this snazzy sign before! Nice catch!

Dan Goodsell said...

Devilishly cool. Life is good sometimes.

Adam Hazlett said...

What a great sign! A truely amazing find! I love it.
Does Dr. Pepper still promote heating up their beverage?

Holly Hall said...

Woohoo! Great find. I once read that we Okies have the highest per capita consumption of Dr. Pepper in the United States. Weird. Diet Dr. Pepper is my poison of choice, though.

tikiranch said...

I have seen a thermometer that said try it Hot or cold from the 50's but not anything in recent memory. My Son wants to try some HOT so maybe I we will give it a taste test. I wonder if I put it in a Tea Kettle to heat it up will do?

Anonymous said...

I was at the Model T swap meet Saturday too, working at the gate.
Who's Coop and where are his pics of the meet? We had to change the name of this event to Collector Car Parts Exchange because the City of Long Beach didn't like the word swapmeet!
We should be back next year with the 54th edition.

Anonymous said...

If I were heating Dr. Pepper, I'd put it in a glass and set it in a pot of very hot water. You may end up with a carmelized teapot otherwise.

Or maybe put the glass in the microwave and nuke it for about 20 seconds on HIGH. They couldn't do that when this sign was new!

Anonymous said...

Here is Coops blog

I must warn you there are a few adult content posts on there so be warned.