Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Dunes 1

Sometimes I find a piece out there at the swapmeets that has little value by itself or maybe just value to me as a collector. The problem is it is part of something else that the seller will not seperate it from. So many times I have to leave it when I know the future buyer will probably toss the thing that I wanted. What the heck are you talking about Tikiranch? you might be wondering. Todays post is a good example of it. I am at the Rose Bowl monthly swap and this dealer has a whole box of vintage shirts and sweaters. They clothing was nothing special and she wanted 15.00 a piece for them. The great part of the box to me was a few of them were bagged up in valet bags from the Las Vegas Dunes. I asked if I could buy just a few of the plastic bags ( Yes I know paying money for a plastic bag may seem crazy to some people). I figured I would give her a few bucks a piece since I had no interest in the shirts. She would not sell me them at any price and told me they went with the shirts. I left them and went on shopping figuring they would just end up in a trashcan but paying 15.00 for just the bag was too much for me. So where did this great image for today come from?

Toward the end of the swap I went past the booth and there were a few shirts left and this time I was able to but a few and not the shirts for 2.00 each.

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Holly Hall said...

Sometimes patience pays off! Those are great.