Monday, December 03, 2007

Visit to Santas Village

We start off the Tikiranch Holiday month with a trip to Santas Village. Looks like 2 trips one in 1955 black and white and the other in 1956 full color

Friendly Reindeer and Storybook buildings
Looks like Santas Workshop from that big gear on the side of the shop
Water walkways and giant mushrooms to sit on
What would a village be without a giant firetruck and delivery wagon
I wonder where this delivery wagon is today, wouldn't that be a cool ride at the cruise night.

Thanks for dropping by see you all tommorow for more Holiday Cheer


Anonymous said...

What a happy coincidence! I was pointing out where Santa's village was in the mountains to someone , and here's this post!

Anonymous said...

I can't see the pictures... every time I try and open them in a new window it asks me if I want to save it... >_<

tikiranch said...

Mine does that also not sure why

Anonymous said...

Thats a damn shame! I really wanted to see the Santa's Village pictures, having seen other ones...