Friday, January 11, 2008

Meet Nat

Hello everyone sorry for the lack of post the past few days but here is a new one for today. Since my main interest is Advertising figures this little guy is right up there at the top as one of my favorites. What can beat a little robot figure made up of nuts and bolt. I still remember where I got him from. Years ago when I was just starting to collect figures I was over at a friend house ( His name was Dug Miller, I am sure all you disneyland collectors know who I am talking about) he had the most incredible apartment just filled to the brim with anything and everythink disneyland, tiki, thrift store paintings and shelves of all kinds of rare and wonderful pieces. So I see this Nat sitting on one of the coffee tables and asked Dug what it would take to get it? He laughed and said it would only be for trade if I ever found something he really wanted. Looking around his place I knew I was going to have to find something great to get the Nat. Maybe 2 years passed and nothing seem to turn up that was worthy of a trade until one day at a local antique shop something did. The lady who owned the shop once worked at Disneyland during the early years and she had a large photo album filled with black and white snapshots. The greatest part of the album was that she had taken a picture of all the employees in front of the shops that they work at. She also had a shot of Aunt Jemima and probably the first ever Mickey and Minnie costumed characters they use in the park. So with album in hand I stopped by Dugs and finally a trade was made and Nat was mine.

I wonder if Dug still has the album after all these years?

Have a great weekend everyone.


Matterhorn1959 said...

Hey Randy- Dug sold the album to me! I am happy to now own it.

tikiranch said...

Thats cool Patrick,I remember it was full of great shots, thanks for the update