Friday, April 11, 2008

Pard Dog Food Clock Club

Today I would like to share a email I got from a Bob Eckstrom a reader of Tikiranch about my Pard Dog Food Clock Post a few months back.

When my wife and I were first married, her father was working for Swift Meats as a regional sales manager and he worked out of the Worcester & New Bedford, MA offices.My father in law had received the Pard Clock as part of a sales promotion.My wife remembers that clock hanging in the kitchen while she was growing up as a kid.As my in-laws were getting along in years, my mother in law became very sick and then passed away.My father in law(Fred) was asking the kids to see if there was anything they would like to have, that happened and Fred asked me if I would like to have the clock.I took the clock and it was not working so I put it in my cellar as part of my typical cellar "stuff".That was in 1978 !!
Recently, I had a Springfield Slave Clock that had a battery movement in it that no longer worked so I found a clock repair shop to have the movement replaced.When I brought home my clock with the new movement installed she said to me "What about the Pard Clock?"I had basicly forgot about it after all these years.I dug out the clock, dusted it off and brought it to the same repair shop.I was told that the coil in the movement was still good and that the movement would probably need a good cleaning(gears, etc). I waited 2 weeks for the repair & cleaning of the clock & it is now in my kitchen, keeping perfect time and is also quite a conversation piece.The dogs head is now working just fine & I just love this clock.The clock is a real connection to the past(late 1950's) 'til today.My wifes brothers & sister remember that clock hanging in the kitchen when they were kids growing up. As far as the Pard Dog Food is concerned, all I can say is that Pard was a Swifts Meat byproduct. I do remember Pard Dog food when I was a kid.
That's my story on the clock & I hope you enjoyed it.
Bob Eckstrom

Thanks for the great story Bob and keep that dogs head moving.


Daveland said...

Great story and what a cool clock!

Anonymous said...

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