Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Alpha Huff Original

Who is Alpha Huff?

I don't know but at $5.00 I just had to have it.

I got a great email from one of my blog readers with this info on the artist

Mrs. Alpha G. (Blackerby) Huff (1895-1990) was born near Tulsa, Oklahoma. She married Marcus Calvin “M. C.” Huff
in about 1916. They moved to the Los Angeles area in the mid 1930s where they lived in Monrovia until Mr. Huff died in
1959. After that, Mrs. Huff moved to Garden Grove, California. She passed away in San Bernardino County in March, 1990.

Thanks Joe!!


baikinange said...

What an odd painting. I would be thrilled to have something like it in my collection (tho the Mr. probably wouldn't be so pleased)

Joey said...

A mystery-painting indeed.

Kevin Kidney said...

I would've had to have it, too! Dreamy!

Joseph Chiang said...

A charming little masterpiece indeed!

jusme said...

Is there anyway to get a photo or copy of this painting? Alpha was my aunt.