Thursday, June 19, 2008

Plastic Round-Up

Grizzly Bear in gray
Fish with tail up in light blue
Giraffe in pale pink
Policeman with arm up in green
Indian with Tomahawk in blue
Baseball Player in red
Boxer in marbled light lime
Pig in light pink
Hatchet fish in light green (with hole burned in it)
Indian Squaw with basket in red
Football Player with football in pale yellow
Train with coal car in blue
Monkey looking at his huge springy tail in brown
Smiling Billy Goat in white
Weiner dog in translucent milky white
Grizzly Bear No.2 in light marbled blue
Polar Bear in red
Jumbo Elephant sitting in mint
Indian Squaw with basket No.2 in white
Hatchet fish No.2 in yellow (without hole burned in it)
Tall standing Horse in dark blue
Sitting dog with small ball on nose in white
Indian with bow in pink
Cowboy on horse in light green
Mailman holding letter in teal
Happy Elephant walking in light violet
Collie in red
Schnauzer in blue
Man,music box,monkey in lime green
Circus Bear on roller skates in pale yellow
Deco horse on 2 legs in white
Honey sipping bear in yellow
Cowboy on bucking horse in rich dark red
Marching girl with flag in blue
Smiling Billy Goat No.2 in pink
Hobo with fully opened hand in blue
Performing Seal with ball on nose in lime
Western cowboy with guns drawn in red
Rooster in marbled grayish purple
Bear with smaller bear under mouth in red
Big tall standing goose in green
Moose in green
Indian in headdress with knife posing without falling of horse in pale yellow
Indian using a fire to make smoke signals to warn approaching tribes that the cowboys are just on the next set on hills waiting to ambush them so be careful in green


Major Pepperidge said...

Are these Cracker Jack toys? I think I've seen them labeled as such, but have no idea. Are you trying to get a complete collection?!

tikiranch said...

I bought a whole bag of stuff and this assortment was inside. I poured them on the scanner and listed them like I had done with a charm bracelet a while ago. I don't collect them but that would be quite a challenge to get them all.

Anonymous said...

Somewhere I believe I still have a collection of small plastic cars of late 50's/early 60's era. One came in each Frito Lay Variety Pack, which contained lunchbox sized bags of chips.

Anonymous said...

nice photos!