Monday, April 27, 2009

On Sunday

I thought today I would show you what I found at the Auto Swap in Pomona on Sunday. Started the day out at 4:00 am and took about 40 minutes to get there and then wait till 5:00 am for the gates to open. The show is huge I would guess over 2 football fields long and 1 wide. The other side is all vintage cars for show and sale. I was shopping at 5:15 and when I was done with walking all the rows from the back to the front it was 8:00am. I bought stuff along the way and left it to come pick up on my second trip this time with a basket/cart I left at a friends booth when I got there. So back to the end to make 1 more shop thru and pick up all the stuff I left. I should have brought a bigger cart as you can see what I had to maneuver back to my car after I had it all loaded on.

I had to give up shopping half way back since I almost was unable to get what I had packed on the cart so I could roll it.

Here it is all unloaded and displayed

Yes it was a wooden box buying day but there were the 3 very heavy industrial trays( right after I bought them I said to myself "Why did you buy these they weight about 30 pounds and how are you going to fit them in the cart?") I did figure it out and the oil cans too.

I also dropped by the pomona antique row but found nothing. I did get a picture of the great fish market sign they have nearby.


Anonymous said...

You've got a great taste! Beautiful vintage design. Love to look at your pictures.

Swapatorium said...

I can't believe that granny grocery cart was able to handle all that stuff!!

Tikimama said...

Wow. Just wow. Can't believe you were up that early! You came home with a real bounty.

I'm in Upland - where IS the swap meet and antique row? I've wandered looking for the shops, but can't find them!

Library Diva said...

Your early morning paid off! I love those old wooden boxes. I have three of them and I use them in my living room and near my front door to hold magazines, library books, and other miscellany. They look much cooler than the ugly plastic tubs or the trendy wicker or canvas baskets you can buy at places like Target, and it's a real, practical use for these. Come to think of it, I'll probably post mine on my own blog soon. Cool haul, and awesome market sign too.

Anonymous said...

Pomona got way too big for me years ago. They claim 10 miles of parts, and I can believe it. You really do have to get there early. By noon many vendors start packing up. Good fun anyway.
For TikiMama: the Pomona collector car swapmeet is every couple of months at the Pomona fairgrounds.
Antique row is on Second Street east of the 71 freeway. Enjoy.