Monday, June 15, 2009

Sunday Score 6/14/09

Out all the great vintage Bobs Big Boy pieces out there was one that I had yet to find since I started collecting advertising character figures over 22 years ago. Yesterday at the Rose Bowl my search ended.

The Bobs figure is about 9 1/2 tall and on the backside is a teal colored post where the lamp fixture is mounted. The whole piece is ceramic so I can understand why so few are still around. There is some mystery surrounding these lamps since I have yet to see any vintage information as to where they were used. The other big question you might be wondering is what does the shade look like? Good question since most of the lamps out there are also missing a shade. I have heard it was a red checker board pattern but since no period paper work or photos have turned up it's anyones guess. Maybe someone out there might be able to enlighten us Big Boy collectors?
Thanks for dropping by stay tuned this week for more vintage finds and graphics, plus a tiki post sometime this week.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, 22 years... You must have been thrilled when you spotted the little big boy :)