Saturday, August 29, 2009

My problem

Here it is a shot of my garage

Ooopps!! wrong shot here are a few, please don't call the Horders show it looks worse than it is in person.

The back view of the van after a show last sunday. I did get rid of 7 wood crates but somehow I ended up buying about the same volume of new crates so it was another tight pack to get it all home.

I promise the inside of our home is the exact reverse except maybe the office.


Major Pepperidge said...

It reminds me of those old photos of King Tut's tomb when they first discovered it. The good news is, there's no room for mice!! ;-)

Mary said...

I promise I won't call Hoarders on you. (They might need to come to my house to talk and then I'd be in trouble!)

Thanks for showing the garage though. I love the Piggly Wliggly sign!

Swapatorium said...

This looks mighty familiar!

I've been watching that Hoarders show and it has been pushing me to get our garage cleaned.

Unknown said...

well unlike Hoarders- at least your place is filled with COOL STUFF--

Andrew DeSutter said...

No Kidding, what a view!