Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Rusty Cans

Among other things I collect are quart sized motor oil cans. I have maybe 9 and as you can see from this latest can I like them to show their age. These condition cans are usually affordable and when you get a few together they make a nice display.

I bought 3 different cans from a dealer out at the Pomona Car Show. He had about 20 and all were in bad to worse shape. I asked where they came from and he had a great answer. His Dad and him would go on can and bottle hunts up older traffic routes not used these days after the interstate highways took over. These cans came from an old gas station they found out there off the beaten path. The story was that there were a few walls that had fallen over and thru the busted walls they found out that who ever constructed the building at the time used all these oil cans stacked up and then sealed with concrete. What a great find and story to go along with the cans.


Major Pepperidge said...

I used to see abandoned gas stations in southern Minnesota where my grandparents lived, and even as a kid I wanted to stop and see if there was anything cool laying around that I could take!

Pete said...

Ive heard about that story - there is a whole message board devoted to digging and restoring cans - check it out