Friday, January 29, 2010

Out with the New in With the Old



Well I finally got a real Willie Wirehand for the collection. I have had another one for a few years but after paying top dollar and getting it in the mail it turned out a fake. Long story short was unable to return it so we kept in on the shelf. Now with the 2 next to each other it is even more clear it's a knock off ( Not a bad job though)


50sme said...

Sucky. I waited for a month for a Stork Club ashtray to arrive only to find it shattered into crumbs. I find it quite crappy that people pull that fake bs when usually a collecter who's been around awhile knows a fake when he/she sees one. It just surprises me how much trouble these people go to in order to decieve others. JERKS.

Major Pepperidge said...

Really, somebody actually made a fake Willie Wirehand?? Amazing. Is it at all possible that it is just a cruder figure? Look at the variety of Bob's Big Boy figures that were available over the years.

However, I know that YOU would know if it was a fake.

tikiranch said...

I wanted to think it was maybe a preliminary hard cast version but looking at it next to a real one you can tell someone made casts of the orig.I was also thinking why would someone take the time to make a fake but at the time I jumped to buy mine it was 700.00. I know they sold 2 or 3 more to other collectors so I guess that makes it worth the effort. It is nice to look at but I always think how I got taken and I will not be able to get back what I paid for it.