Thursday, April 14, 2011

Vintage Dental

Put up one of my vintage classroom toothcare posters at work today.

Needed a little color on the bare white walls. Should be interesting to see if anyone comments on it at work seeing I work at a dental Laboratory.

Mall Space Update
Scored a Display case off Craigslist but had to drive 2 hours to San Diego to get it. I should have taken a picture of it strapped to the top on my van for the trip home last night. Kept thinking the cops were going to pull me over or at the immigration checkpoint about half way back. Worse part was i did not find out that the case was used at a medical marijuana shop until I got down there to pick it up. All the way to the checkpoint I was stressing about what happens if they pull me over for inspection and some drug dog gets a whiff of the glass shelves inside the van ? That would have been a great post if it had happened but lucky for me all went well and I made it back with the case.

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