Thursday, September 01, 2011

Only a Buck

$1 sunday score.

Hope you all had a great August !
I hope you didn't forget me.


Major Pepperidge said...

Welcome back! Did you do the Glendale show? I totally forgot about it, and had intended to stop by your booth (if you were there). Arg!

tikiranch said...

Thanks, yes was at the Glendale show with my junk. Show was good for me but the crowd is smaller and every show things keep getting smaller ( less dealer and less shoppers) Lots of old blood looking but not buying if you know what I mean. I remember what it used to be when we started with 2 floors and our first time selling we were the last booth down the hall right next to the outside double doors. Those days it was packed with dealers and shoppers. The line for early buyers was well over 100 compared to now with maybe 20 at the most. I guess the mega show days are past only time will tell till this one ends its run.