Wednesday, April 17, 2013

More Graphic Goodness


Major Pepperidge said...

For some reason I always find the "uniformed guy" mascots very appealing, probably because those uniforms have gone the way of the dodo.

SparkleFarkel said...

That spark plug image reminds me of the time a boy, that a teenage me had a crush on, came over to mow our lawn. When our lawn mower started to act up, he removed the spark plugs and went into the house to "clean them off." Since I was a smitten, little puppy dog, of course, I followed him --even though the only thing I knew about spark plugs was what they looked liked. I would soon find out how perfect this "stage" was for him. When he asked me to hold the "clean" plug to the stove burner for him to "test" it, I did. Then, he turned on the stove. Then, he laughed really hard as he waved up at me before scraping me off the ceiling!!! The freaking idiot had purposely shocked me AND he thought it was funny. Freaking idiot... Well, do you want to hear the worst of it? I ended up marrying him! And, 33 years later, all I still want for Christmas is a divorce! You tell me, who's the freaking idiot now?!

Whew! What a trip down Memory Lane this has been!