Monday, June 24, 2013

Bug be Gone

The time had finally come to say goodbye to my 2002 VW Beetle. After almost 160,000 mile I got tired of it nickle and dime-ing me ( more like hundreds and thousand-ing me). I guess the last straw was when the Battery light decided to add itself to the already burning airbag light and check engine lights on my dash. Those, I was told, were just a sensor out somewhere and the fact that come next February I was going to need a new catalytic converter if I was planning on have it pass smog. So anyone out there looking at VW's run the other way, ours just seemed to start falling apart as the years progressed. So I jumped the vw ship after owning 2 and got  a  shiny new Scion XB.

I knew it was going to be the right car and now I am driving around with that new car smell.

Thanks Scion and goodbye VW.

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