Tuesday, July 31, 2007


So I am looking thru a stack of old photos on Sunday and the guy only wants 50 cent each. I figure why not spend a few minutes and go thru them maybe a few will be worth getting. I am almost at the bottom of the box and this one shows up.

This is the first time I have ever seen any sort of figure for Alfa Beta Alphy let alone a huge Outdoor Statue.

I wonder where this was ?


Todd Franklin said...

Now that is a gem of a snapshot!

Waffle Whiffer [Brandon] said...

I remember and Alpha Beta grocery store chain.

Wow, this character looks an awful lot like the old Frito Kid from the '50s-'60s! See my blog post on the Frito Kid for pictures.

Anonymous said...

Is that the Huntington Beach logo behind the fellow with the plaid shirt?

tikiranch said...

That is AB for Alpha Beta they had tiles all over the wall. I think that it might be Ventura due to the ra showing on the left.

Anonymous said...

Hadn't noticed the "ra".
The AB looks to be the Alpha Beta brand now that I look at it again. After all, Alphy is a cowboy

Could it also be Alhambra, or maybe La Habra as the location?