Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Just a cheap little charm bracelet, but what a great assortment of plastic tchotchkes. Here is what's there in case you cannot make them all out:
Baby Blue Princess phone ( copy on bottom reads " It's Little, It's Lovely, It Lights!)
Red guitar pick shaped piece with gold edge
White top hat with a gold rabbit inside
Brown and red grand piano
Green Mary had a little Lamb ( has that written on the bottom)
Red Frankenstien monster
Red Scottie dog
Green clown head with a little bead inside for shaking
Blue glass with white ice cream, pink cherry with red dot on top.
Clear plastic church with a yellow roof. The church opens up to show four people inside
Light Blue owl with flickering eyes
Yellow lighthouse with a blue top
and last but not least a blue teacup pink inside.
Have a charming day all


Anonymous said...

The coolest charm bracelet ever! Did you purchase it like this or did you add the charms yourself?

tikiranch said...

It was found like this, it looks like it was made that way , maybe the scottie dog was added since it looks like a earlier charm piece.

swapatorium said...

I'm jealous... ;-) No really, it's soooo cool. I love charm bracelets.

swapatorium said...
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Anonymous said...

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jayKayEss said...

My uncle had a cigar box full of those very same charms when I was a kid. I think they may have come from Cracker Jack boxes.

Anonymous said...

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