Saturday, July 22, 2006

Too Cool

Todays post was from an email sent to me from Jim, a fan of my Blog. His father worked at a used car dealership and got to clean out the trade-ins plus could keep whatever he found. This was one of the things that he saved back then. Since the heat has been close to unbearable around here what better thing to have to keep your lunch cool. The Frigee Freeze canned cold metal can will do the job in your Lunch Box. Great icy type and check out those icicles hanging down along the top edge. The maker of this "don't leave home without one" cooler? Earl Scheib, you know the car painter guy, " Il'l paint any car any color for $19.99. I wonder how much the Frigee Freeze was? Thanks Jim for the great addition to the blog. Stay cool everyone


Anonymous said...

Forgot to add that at over 50 years old, Frigee still freezes and keeps cold. They don't make them like that anymore!

Anonymous said...

My folks had one of these, in blue. I remember it was all rusted at the top, near the seal. But, thrifty folk that they are, we just kept using it. It vaguely creeped me out - I kept wondering what had made it rust and was that going into our food in the cooler?