Monday, July 31, 2006

Kolor Spray

I always seem to start small collections and one of them is old spray paint cans. They turn up once in a while at the local junk swap usually in a cardboard box filled with garage stuff. I try to buy the ones with the small metal caps. They had great designs on the cans which appeals to the graphic design part of me. This one has the diamond shapes and 50's colors that were used as design elements back then. Stay tuned in the future for others from my small growing collection.


koyore said...

cool blog! Came via swapatorium.; visit regularly.

tikiranch said...

Thanks for dropping by

Anonymous said...

Must say you are one of the first people collecting spray paint cans who does not have a direct realtion to using them. I am a "spray can nut" you can view my group page at I would love to see some old pictures of aerosol paint cans or even any other old aerosol cans. I am particulary fond of the older small top cans especially the ones depicting housewives using the paint. I guess a marketing scheme to show how easy to the paint was to use. I have many photos I could share with you. Email me