Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Score 1/11/09

Rose Bowl swap meet today which started off with the van breaking down 1 block from home ( Lucky us) but pushing a fully loaded van a block at 3:30 am was work. After unpacking the van and repacked the truck with as much as we could fit we were off to the show. I usually like to get there as early as possible for more shopping time so I missed about an hour. Finally out there shopping by 5:30 in the dark I came across todays buy. A 40's style car and trailer set in almost new condition. The whole piece is about 12 inches long and it even has a litho interior panel inside with graphics so you see it when you look into either of the opening doors or windows. I guess I will be looking out for more trailers now since I have one.Hope everyone one had a great weekend and Thanks for dropping buy!

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Heidi Ann said...

Well, that green car and trailer set is simply gorgeous. I love it!