Friday, January 16, 2009

The way to POP

Here is a interesting Pacific Ocean Park piece.

The dealer I bought it from told me when her family would drive to POP they would but this sign in the car window. I was telling some friends about the sign and they remember having one too. They must have given them out at the place.

If you are in the Glendale area this weekend there is a fun advertising and collectible show going on. Here is the info

Here is a shot of my booth from one of the past shows. I try not to bring too much but that never seems to happen.


Matt said...

Ah, fond memories of the Glendale Toy Show...and your booth is always amazing!

Major Pepperidge said...

I can see two weird little orange guys that I bought from you, they are proudly on display in my home!!

Library Diva said...

The Pacific Ocean Park sign reminded me of something they used to do at Santa's Workshop in North Pole, NY (one of the earliest "theme parks" dating from the late 1940s). While you were riding the rides and feeding the reindeer, employees would tie a sign to your bumper that said "Follow Me to Santa's Workshop."

The park reopened in 2001 after being shuttered for a couple of years. It's still in operation, and you see their stuff at flea markets all the time out here. Nice pieces!