Sunday, September 06, 2009

Crate Invasion

A week ago I was able to buy a collection of crates from a fellow dealer. He hit up a local estate sale and ended up with over 100 crates. I put in a call and was able to get a good portion of them. Last night I got them out of the van and put them out for a 11:00 pm moonlight shot.

I am ready if we get a freak snow storm and need some wood for the fireplace.

Thanks Jim!


Mary said...

I must give props where they are due... Great find!

Anonymous said...

The elderly lady next door moved into a convalescent home and her daughter was cleaning out the place. In a shed in back in one of those 7UP wooden crates was a Honda 250 engine from the 60's. Her daughter had no idea where that came from. She gave them to me and I kept the crate and sold the engine.