Saturday, September 05, 2009

Look Inside

A peek inside the front door of our place

When we moved in we moved Bob all over the house to find the best place. I made a rolling frame to make it easier and the last place we tried was inside the front door alcove. As you can see he just fit with a few inches to spare. I would have had a problem if he was the burger holding version. Its funny when people come to the door and there's a giant Big Boy smiling at them, but some don't seem to notice. Very Hot today and the past few days which makes putting things off that more blog posts.


Major Pepperidge said...

I would love to have a giant Bob, but don't think he would be very happy in my apartment. I once saw a store just selling the severed, burger-holding arm of a vintage Bob, but somehow resisted.

Love the Mark Ryden print too!

Mary said...

So does the Sacred Heart of Jesus ward off the artery clogging fat of Bob's and McDonalds?

BTW, love the fez wearing Grimace!

Unknown said...

I'd kill for my own Big Boy. Well... a giant version like yours anyway. (Got several vinyls, bobble heads, and banks)