Saturday, September 12, 2009

Shopping Saturday

Today I took a few shots of what turned up out there shopping the swap and a garage sale this morning.

2 Witco Tiki Lamps with shades, 4 small metal storage drawers, early tin lunchbox,1 bank money bag, 2 old (and musty smelling) Cunard line ship blankets, Bullwinkle,Rocky and Mr. Peabody Tie holder( too bad there was some damage), A lighthouse cleanser can (check the slogan), old JC Higgins tackle box with fishing gear inside, Vintage wall clock and a great wooden shipping box to put it all in.


TIM JONES said...

What up BRO!!! What kind of stuff is in the tackle box?? How many stops did you make to find all of that stuff??


The Viewliner Limited said...

Rocky & Friends... AWESOME !!!! Mr. Peabody... MY HERO !!!

Mary said...

OMGOSH! Those lamps w/shades are FANTASTIC! I covet them! Also those little metal drawers. What great finds!

BTW, I just sold that same clock last weekend. Do you think it made its way across the country already?

Heidi Ann said...

SERIOUSLY cool Tiki lamps!!

Unknown said...

WHOAH!! Those lamps!! My wife would probably kill me, but I would DEFINITELY be buying them if I found them!!