Monday, August 14, 2006

Bean Days

Everythings gets a day so why not the Soybean? In Clara City, Minnesota he had not one but three full days of celebration. I found a few of these buttons years ago and kept this one for my ad collection, I wonder if they had a giant Mr Soy Bean towering over the event ? Thanks for dropping by and have a great week.

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tikiranch said...

Jim emailed me this comment
"The Kool cigarette penguin was the inspiration for the name the 50's music group chose. They were looking for a name that expressed "cool" and that penguin fit the bill. They did the song "Earth Angel" and were known as The Penguins."

He had tried to add it to the comments but it did not get on the blog. Has anyone else had a problem with a comment showing up? please email me if you did and I will try to find out why it is not working. Thanks Again