Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Too Kool

The Kool Penguin was used on all kinds of advertising from billboards to comics and on the packs themselves. They made a few great die-cut counter displays back in the 50's with Mr. Kool. This one has the dapper bird out for a walk with a beautiful bunch of flowers in his wing. The ones I have seen have no other slogans just Mr Kool in different situations with the logo on his chest. I guess everyone knew who he was and just his presence was enough to sell the product These days any sort of character for smokes is a crime so this little birdie would be hanging with Joe the Camel at the retirement home. Have a great Day everyone.


Anonymous said...

Somw little known trivia. The 60's musical group The Penguins got their idea to that name because that penguin epitomized what COOL was. If you don't recall they recorded the song Earth Angel.

Anonymous said...

The 50's musical group famous for the song "Earth Angel" were inspired by this fine feathered chap when they were looking for a name that would convey Coolness.
That's how The Penguins got their name.