Saturday, August 19, 2006

Free Clean

Vintage Mr Clean Sample Bottle givaway. I bet they didn't mail these out back then.


Matterhorn1959 said...

I think I remember my mom getting these. I loved the Mr. Clean car sets with a white car and a sticker of Mr. Clean on it.

nitewrit said...

In 1959 Proctor & Gamble were introducing this product around the country. I was hired just our of high school as one of several such young people to go about in neighborhoods and hang the sample bottle on doorknobs. We rode from location to location in a van with Mr. Clean on the side that played the jingle through loudspeakers over and over. In some places kids would follow me along, as if I were the Pied Piper. I carried a large satchel of bottles. At each house I dropped a bottle into a little bag with a loop at the top, hung this over the doorknob, knocked or rang the bell and walked away. We must have hung thousands of these bottles in the area.