Saturday, August 05, 2006

Got Away

When collecting there is always a few things you wished you had gotten but did not. The price might be too high or you get outbid a the last moment or did not realize what it was till later. This octopus wall display is one I wished I had bid higher for when it was on Ebay probably 5 years ago. He is the mascot for the Octopus Car washes and some still have a giant 3 dimensional versions on poles above the place. This one was much smaller so it probably would have been used as a inside display. I have yet to see another one like it but hope one day to get another chance are one. Sorry for the late post today hope your Saturday is going great.


Matterhorn1959 said...

Wow what a great and cute piece. I would definitely be bummed for missing this piece.

Anonymous said...

Never seen an Octopus Car Wash, but a former Harbor gas station in Alhambra, Ca. still had the old mascot statue of Harby the Seal in the corner of their lot.
Harby was a cartoony seal wearing a Skipper hat and sitting on a rock that had his name on it.