Thursday, August 03, 2006

Flying Saucers

The only Disneyland photo I found in a old album a few weeks ago. What a fun time evveryone is having on the Flying Saucer ride. Check out the cool Daddy-O with his dark sunglasses.The picture is dated 2-26-66 on the back.I was luck this time to get this photo. Usually the sellers at the Junk Swap won't sell me just 1 picture. When I ask on the whole album I get some huge price so I have to leave it. This time he (for some unknown reason) sold me it for 3 bucks. Thanks go out to the nice swap meet vendor for todays tikiranch post.


Todd Franklin said...

3 bucks well spent! One of the best Disnleyland Flying Saucers snaps I've seen. Nice find!

Anonymous said...

That's one cool Daddy ridin' on a cushion of air witout messin' his hair!

swapatorium said...

Do you collect Disneyland stuff?