Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Builder Beaver

Todays Beaver is quite the Builder Beaver. This guy was the mascot for the Builders Emporium Hardware stores. Back before the Home Depots and Lowes there were many smaller hardware stores around and Builders Emporium was one of them. This was the cover of a lawn sprinkler guide handout from the store. They use the beaver and also his family in all the advertising back then and also some of the stores own product packaging. Thanks for dropping by see you all tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

The Builder's Beaver along with Shorty and Cheep Chicken of National Lumber. Three trailblazers that opened the door for Lowe's and Home Depot.
For those that never saw one, the former Builder's Emporium here in town now houses an Office Depot (Where'd they get teh idea for THAT name?) and a Hometown Buffet.