Saturday, August 12, 2006

Pin marks the Spot

Mr Pinspotter the Robot spokesman for AMF Pinspotters Inc. In the 50's the Robots were going to handle all our work for us so many companies use the Mechanical Men as advertising characters. I got this great waterslide decal from Patrick who has the wonderful Vintage Disneyland "Stuff from the Park" Blog, check my links and give him a visit. Have a great weekend everyone and Thanks Patrick for the great decal.


Anonymous said...

geez, how many fonts can you pack into one quote?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Pinspotter may be related to the B&M Hydrostick robot. They were of the same era.

Unknown said...

Hi, Thanks for posting a quality scan of this decal. I just saw these on the pinsetters at the bowling alley I work at and thought it was so cool. Of course they arent in as good of shape after scrubbing off years of dirt.