Wednesday, June 07, 2006

AKU AKU just for you

I guess with a blog called Tikiranch I should add a few tikis in the mix. While I don't collect Tiki I have found a few interesting pieces that I just had to keep. This great Handy Wash wet nap came from the Las Vegas Tiki Landmark "AKU AKU" restaurant. Wht a great example of something so ordinary turned into personal keepsake from your visit. No wait did I just say 'Keepsake" about a handy wash disposable towelette? Well someone thought it was and here is the proof. I guess they never could bear the guilt of opening and using their little clean-up towel from their exotic bathroom visit at the Aku or maybe the messy rack of ribs they remember eating before this treasured gift was bestowed upon them. All hail the tiki god !!

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Anonymous said...

This is just too fantastic! How did you ever come across this teeny little treasure? If you're interested, it would be a fantastic addition to Critiki's entry for the Aku-Aku.