Sunday, June 25, 2006

Our Rooster

I always wanted a Muffler Man for my backyard, sure I would probably be cited by the city for some sign ordinance but I want one. I have yet to find one for the backyard but a few months back I scored a Giant Rooster instead. Do I need a Giant Rooster? No but he add something special to the back yard so I had to buy him. I go to a local swap meet every Saturday and we drive by a chicken dinner shop on the way stands another Giant Rooster. The bird stands on the sign about 25 feet in the air. Well one Saturday we drive by and it's gone, only thing there are its 2 feet. I had to find out where the bird went so I call the shop later that day to see where it was. I talked to the owner and he told me it blew off the post onto the parking lot ( I would have loved to catch a video of that event). It had a broken chest and was severed just above the feet, which were still attached to the sign. I asked him if He would sell it to me but he wants to get it fixed. I am pleased to report the feet are still up there but the rooster has not returned, I better give him another call my rooster is looking lonely.


Matterhorn1959 said...

Great story- I think I know which Chicken Pie Shop that is. You are right, your chicken does look a little lonely. I think a Grimace in the backyard would be cool to have.

tikiranch said...

I would love to get one of the apple pie trees for the backyard also. I will take a shot of the rooster feet next Saturday and post it.

Anonymous said...

Any update on the other rooster?