Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Number 1
Back in the day before the Pizza place printed your order number on the receipt or gave you one of those little plastic number thingys to place on your table you got one of these. Shakeys had some great pizza and don't forget those Mo Joe potatoes, man those were tasty. You could get Pizza, mo joes,salad and even some pretty good chicken too. There used to be a Shakeys not to far from me and they had a giant 10 foot Pizza man light up on the building. One day while driving but I noticed they were closed and the sign was gone. I pulled over and went inside to ask about the sign, The man told me it was still up on the roof if I wanted to check it out. I went up and there he ( the sign) was laying there waiting to be taken down and destroyed. I went back down and asked the guy how much for it and he told me $200. I passed since at the time I had no way t get it down and figured a sign company would probably charge me another $200. Looking back I wished I had paid the price it would have went well with my Piggly Wiggly Sign in the garage.

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Dan Goodsell said...

sad to hear the story of the lost big sign - there was one in culver city - it may still be there