Thursday, June 15, 2006

I See You

The X-Ray Spex with Amazing X-Ray Vision ! What a great package I am sure no kid could pass by this at the 5 and dime without begging his Mom to buy them a pair. I have had this in the glove box of my car for probably 4 years. I put it there to keep it safe till a day like today. This pair was made by the HONEY TOY INDUSTRIES, INC, that's right all caps! This company meant business, heck it was no company it was a industry or should I say industries? If it is plural then they must had all sorts of products and services to offer the average Joe right? The year on the back is 1965 pat pending. I guess they were having trouble getting the x-ray technology patent nailed down at the time they let this marvel of science available to the public. Thanks for stopping and remember don't abuse your X-Ray Spex if you know what I mean.

1 comment:

Kirk D. said...

Assuming you own this pair, can you tell me if they are actually made of plastic or are they just cardboard thats supposed to look like plastic?

The only ones I ever see are the cardboard, unless they're the knock-offs called X-Ray gogs.