Friday, June 09, 2006

Pure Gold Duo

2 nice cardboard diecuts featuring Lily Lemon and Pedro Pomelo ( I think he is a grapefruit). These 2 characters were ad figures for the Pure Gold Produce Company. They are about 7 inches tall and have small fold out panels for standing on a shelf. I have not come across any 3 dimensional figures of them but you never know what is out there. Have a nice weekend.

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Anonymous said...

just between us, i think pedro has been a little heavy handed with the eyebrow tweezers and has been borrowing lily's lipstick.

a grapefruit is actually a hybrid of a pomelo and an oragne, while a tangelo is a hybrid between a pomelo and a tangerine.

for a quite unexplained reason, during some chinese festival it's considered good to put the rind of a pomelo on ones head. that can't be good for you hair, can it?